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Hello, my name is Kiri and i’ll be your host over the coming months sharing my passion for science, art, storytelling and the wonder of creative exploration and wandering – sometimes with daring, and sometimes in the most wonderfully ordinary way possible. I truly believe there are wondrous things to learn, see, and do wherever you may roam whether it’s around the corner, or on the other side of the world.

We’ll start our wander in the big green of the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We’ll get outside and explore the outdoors by interacting with the natural and sometime non/natural world around us – and we’ll do it inquisitively, creatively, a little educationally, but most importantly playfully. Everyday there’s something new to learn or explore about the world around us and the way we interact and connect with it, and ultimately each other!

Episode 1: The Green Between
Episode 2: Our Place in the Family of Things

Making a Tiny Adventure Book

#1 Texture – PDF
#2 Sensory Exploration – Coming Soon!

Share your tiny adventures and other wondrous things using the hashtag #afg2wt on Instagram or Youtube. You can find frequent wondrous postings from the field on wondrousfieldguide on Instagram.

If this project excites, stimulates, intrigues, or makes you do a happy dance please consider supporting the channel in some fashion. I’m specifically looking for any or all of  the following:

  • gas or equipment $
  • a GoPro camera
  • sound equipment upgrade (wireless lavalier mic)
  • a 10 sec introductory tune
  • collaborators & other creative wanderers
  • smiles, encouragement and spontaneous dance parties!

Contact me if you would like to donate equipment, or you can donate directly through my Youtube channel or right here! Thanks for your support!


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